Monday, August 13, 2012

The boys are back in town!

This week Juli, Stefano, Klinton, and Algert attended a Christian Conference in Pogradec, Albania. There were there from Monday, August 6 until today Saturday, August 11th. They were so busy at the conference that they forgot to take pictures, so I have no pictures to show you. The theme of the conference was How do we live in abundance of God's blessings? The boys had a great time of fellowship, devotions, small group, Bible study, prayer, worship, preaching, with drama and skits. I asked Stefano if he would like to go again he said, "Yes I really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit there!" Praise God that he allowed these boys to go to the conference!

We had a great church service on Sunday. Klement our brother in Christ from Germany preached on Prayer. Klement has been a great help and encouragement to us this week. Klement has been a childhood friend of Arian's. Now Klement, his daughter and wife live in Germany. Thank you Klement for coming and allowing God to speak through you!

At the end of the service Arian did an altar call and asked if anyone was ready to confess Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Klinton, one of the boys that went to the conference in Pogradec came up. He talked about what God had shown him at the conference and that he was ready to confess and be baptized. Hallelujah for God working in Clinton's life! (Klinton is the brother of Juli from Kavaje.) Klinton's family was not there and he wants to wait for all of them to be there to be baptized. We are very excited about this new growth in the church!
Arian's excitement for Clinton

Friday, August 10, 2012

Thursday lots of Dancing!

Today we visited with the home church in Kavajae. There was 14 adults and 10 children! The most we have ever had! We met in a small church that some missonaires are letting us borrow.  This may be our new church home. We are still praying about it! The home church had given us a wedding party to celebrate our new marriage. There was lots of Albanian dancing, eating, fellowship, prayer, bible study, singing, and just plain fun! It was great to see their enthusiasm for our marriage and their love for God. We could have danced all night! Maybe this was practice for me and our Albanian wedding on August 19th! Two girls, Claudia and Romina read scripture to us and sung us a song. We had a blessed time! Every time I meet with the church in Kavaje I come back more blessed than ever!

We did do a great deal of walking the past two days. We ride a van to Kavaje and then walk about 2 miles to where we need to go. And in 97 degree weather with no shade it is a little difficult. We are very thankful to First Christian Church Charlottesville for giving us money to purchase a mini van for Kavaje. We will use this not only for Arian and I but to also transport people to church who do not live close. Praise God for this blessing!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wednesday in Kavaje

Wednesday is one of the days we spend in Kavaje. Kavaje is a poor city about 30 minutes from the center of Durres. The streets are very dirty and hard to walk on. Our friend Klemente from Germany went with us this week. We were happy for him to see the work in Kavaje! First on Wednesday we visit a nursing home. The old people are always very excited to see us. We sing songs, pray for them, and Arian delivers them a short message. We give lots of hugs and love and leave them with a snack to eat. There is usually about 10-12 people who come to the bible study.
Next, we walk to a room that we have for rent for the children. It is like Arian is the pied piper. The children come following him to come to bible study. Once again we sing songs, pray for them, and Arian delivers a message. We also provide a snack for them and give them lots of hugs. This  Wednesday there were 36 children. They are dirty and most of them don’t have shoes but they are very happy to hear about the Lord. Today one mother Desiana asked us to help her because she is sick and doesn’t have any money. We gave her some food for her family. Another girl named Bruna we bought her a pair of sandals.
I love seeing what God is doing in Albania. I wish that you could join us and see first hand what God is doing!

Peace with you!
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