Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wednesday in Kavaje

Wednesday is one of the days we spend in Kavaje. Kavaje is a poor city about 30 minutes from the center of Durres. The streets are very dirty and hard to walk on. Our friend Klemente from Germany went with us this week. We were happy for him to see the work in Kavaje! First on Wednesday we visit a nursing home. The old people are always very excited to see us. We sing songs, pray for them, and Arian delivers them a short message. We give lots of hugs and love and leave them with a snack to eat. There is usually about 10-12 people who come to the bible study.
Next, we walk to a room that we have for rent for the children. It is like Arian is the pied piper. The children come following him to come to bible study. Once again we sing songs, pray for them, and Arian delivers a message. We also provide a snack for them and give them lots of hugs. This  Wednesday there were 36 children. They are dirty and most of them don’t have shoes but they are very happy to hear about the Lord. Today one mother Desiana asked us to help her because she is sick and doesn’t have any money. We gave her some food for her family. Another girl named Bruna we bought her a pair of sandals.
I love seeing what God is doing in Albania. I wish that you could join us and see first hand what God is doing!

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