Saturday, October 19, 2013

What kind of tree are you?

 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. Matthew 7:17

Trees in the mountains of America are absolutely beautiful this time of the year. It is nice to go out and gaze at all the beauty that God put into a simple tree. Fall is the time of the year that I really miss. Albania lacks the pumpkins, colorful trees, fall festivals, bonfires, hay rides and candy corn. This time of the year we do have nice citrus fruits ripening to enjoy. It is nice to go and pick the oranges and mandarins straight from the tree. I thought that you could automatically tell the bad trees from the good trees because of their fruit. This is not the case. We have trees here that have the best looking oranges but they are awful to eat. 
I believe that we have this same problem in the church. We have people who come to church, say the right things, and look the right way but on the inside they are missing the true meaning of Christ. Maybe they come to church to meet with their friends or to check off coming to church on their list of things to do to stay in good graces with God. Sometimes they come to have something to talk about or complain about at work the next day. We had some friends Pete & Liz Jones come from England last week. When we asked the about the churches in England they said that they are people who go to church but the churches are Dead. It is time we wake up and produce some good fruit! 

We are working our best to produce not only good fruit ourselves but also to help others to produce good fruit. We are very excited about being able to share with the old home in Kavaje. Pete was able to go with us and see what God is doing there. The residents at the old home are very grateful that we share a message and a snack with them every week. We hope to be able to provide thick socks and gloves for them for Christmas. Here are a few pictures from the old home. 

Member spotlight: 
Nena Urania: Nena Urnania is one of the residents of the old home. She has lived in the old home since she was 16. She is blind and had no one to take care of her. There was no place to go so she ended up at the old home. She has such a sweet spirit. She loves to lead the singing in the service and tell Arian which song she wants to sing next. She likes hearing about the bible and believes in Jesus with all her heart. We pray that God will continue to bless her. We thank God that she is in a place where she can be with her friends who take care of her. 

Pete & Liz with David
Praises/ Prayers: 
* David is teething and sick with a cold this week.

* Praise God for Pete & Liz and their encouragement to us this week! 
* Pray for help in Kavaje to be able to lead more Bible studies with the believers of the church and start another Kids club in another neighborhood. 
* Pray for a bigger church space in Durres. 
* Arian's uncle passed away this past week, his wife died only 3 months ago. Please pray especially for their children. It is very hard on them right now. 

We would love to hear from you! God bless!
Serving in His name,
Arian & Stefanie Kosta
Address: L3 Rr Egnatia AP:1043 Durres, Albania

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  1. Thank you Stefanie and Arian for the great message about the fruit trees, very true, we are trying to reverse what we see as a trend towards a more materialistic world, one which distances itself from Christ in order to justify it's actions, but there is always hope in Christ as long as the body lives, take care and God Bless.

  2. Pershendetje!! Kemi gjetur dokumentat e humbura te Stefanie.. Na telefononi ne nr 0697700000