Thursday, January 29, 2015

This is the time

New Year new expectations, challenges, and discoveries. This New Year for us started off with a bang literally. After two years of praying and hoping my parents (Stefanie) were finally able to visit Albania for the first time. Never being out of the country of the United States was very eye opening for them. We enjoyed spending Christmas and New Years together. My parents were amazed at the spectacular fireworks explosions shot from one apartment to another here in Albania for New Years. They were touched by the love and kindness shown by the Albanian people. They were saddened by the poverty that they witnessed while serving with us. We were very glad to spend this special time with my parents and watching God open their eyes to the ministry here in Albania was amazing. As they were scheduled to go home very early the morning of January 2nd, we received a phone call very late from the states on January 1st stating that my brother, Brad, was in a diabetic coma. My parents rushed home to take care of my brother. After watching God's hand performing miracles for my brother who Doctors said would die, and 26 days in the hospital, he is now home. We praise God for this miracle. He still has a lot of therapy and rehabilitation to go through but God has brought him very far! We know that God has a plan and His timing is perfect! 

Here are some pictures from Dad and Mom's visit. 
Dad even got the opportunity to preach while he was here. 

Update on the building: Our small little church in Durres has been working hard to raise money as well. We have members who have made things to sell. We have raised $85 which is a great feat for us! We have now raised $14,500!  We are still needing individuals, small groups, or Sunday school classes to buy a meter. You can buy a meter for $100 or even split it up into so much per month. You can donate through paypal at the donate button on this site or write a check to the address below. 
Please pray for the following things: 
*The owner to give us a great price for the land and building. 
*The owner to work with us to do a lease purchase (not common at all in Albania! but God can do it!)
*Us to raise the rest of the funds needed.
Now is the time! After a year of praying and working to get things started Stefanie will start English classes at the church in Durres on February 5th. We are very excited about this new evangelism outreach to the community. Stefanie taught English in the public schools in America before coming to Albania. Pray for the classes and the students that will come. Classes are being offered at a very low price for only $1 per week. 
Change in Kavaje: We have changed the service in Kavaje to Sunday afternoons. Sundays are a day off for most people so it is easier for them to come on Sunday. We have been meeting for two weeks now and have had record attendance. Please pray for two new families that are attending. They are very interested about knowing all they can about Jesus. I asked Petrit who is 16 why now he has decided to come to church, since he had never been to church before. He said that he saw the love of God and he is excited to know more. 
We are still praying about the situation with Vathja needing a bathroom. The property is officially her in-laws and they have not given permission to build a bathroom. Please pray that we can work through this to build her a bathroom. 

Arian's parents are coming to church every Sunday Praise the LORD!! Pray that they will open their hearts to God and seek his salvation.
Praises/ Prayers:         
*Funding of a new Church home for us.
*Pray that more will come to Christ here in Albania.
*Pray for English classes starting Feb. 5th.   
*Pray for Vathja and her family to get a bathroom. 

Serving in His name,
Arian & Stefanie Kosta
Address: L3 Rr Egnatia AP:1043 Durres, Albania

Follow us on Facebook: Kisha Kristiane Albania 

Donation address (tax deductable): 
Make check to McDonough Christian Church
McDonough Christian Church, 
Attn: Lisa Thomas-Albania building Fund, 
2000 Jonesboro Rd. 
McDonough, Ga 30253


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