Thursday, June 25, 2015

Choose Joy!

I have told you these things so that you will be filled with my joy. Yes, your joy will overflow! John 15: 11

Choosing Joy is something that I have to do daily. Circumstances, difficult situations, and life try to steal our joy. I know that my ultimate joy comes through Jesus Christ. I want to share that joy with others and be a blessing daily.

Here are some ways that God is working and bringing joy here in Albania: 
Arian performed his second wedding ceremony to a sweet couple of the church in Kavaje. The wife, Lume is blind. Her husband, Artur was baptized last month. We had a quiet simple wedding ceremony outside. It was beautiful how much this couple love each other and love God! May God bless them for many years with a loving and faithful marriage! 
For four days Arian & I were privileged to attend a conference in Lecce, Italy, heald by Pino Neglia an Italian Missionary. The theme of the conference was the letter of Philippians and Joy. It is always a joy to see believers come together to learn more about Him and worship Him. Arian was asked to speak on Sunday morning and Mondi Gjoni another Albanian from Elbsan translated for him. The Anderson Family from Mt. Carmel Christian Church in Cincinnati, Ohio were there singing and were a great blessing to us as well. 

We are trying to get some help for Klara. About 6 months ago Klara was walking funny. Come to find out one leg is shorter than the other. We took her to do x-rays where they found out that her spine is very crooked. The opinion of one doctor is that she has spina bifida. After much bureaucracy we have finally gotten her an appointment for a CAT scan in September to see if her spine is open or closed. Please pray for Klara. 

We are needing scholarships for three poor children in our church who can not afford books. Petrit 16 is in Highschool, Denisa 12 is in middle school, and Bardha 9 is in Elementary. School is free here but you have to buy all of your books and that is very expensive for these families. We would like to see these children continue with their education. Books cost about $100 per child. Please pray for this situation and if you can help let us know. 

Stefanie is starting a new ministry to the poor women of Kavaje. It has been on her heart for several months now. The plan is within the next couple of weeks to gather all of the women of the communty who are pregnant and with babies under two years old. Stefanie will teach them about breastfeeding, caring for babies, and the word of God. There are many women who never have been taught about this and are struggling. Please pray for Stefanie for this new ministry opportunity.

Praises/ Prayers:         
*Funding of a new Church home for us.
*Pray that more will come to Christ here in Albania.
*Pray for Arian's parents to come to Christ!
*Pray for the ministry to be fruitful in all our endeavors.

Serving in His name,
Arian & Stefanie Kosta
Address: L3 Rr Egnatia AP:1043 Durres, Albania

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