Saturday, August 29, 2015

We are immigrants just passing through

All that has been on the news lately is immigration. Many people from Africa and Syria are packed into boats and dying trying to get away from their country in hopes of a better future elsewhere. Even Albanians are fleeing to Germany thinking that they can be better off there. When people find out that I am American they are shocked to see that I am living in Albania. I think that the world's dream is that "the grass is greener on the other side". My philosophy is "bloom where you are planted". God has a greater plan and purpose for you no matter where you are. We are just temporary beings here anyway. True Christians are ready to be immigrants with our Lord Jesus Christ one day in Heaven.  

We are happy to announce that on August 9th we all went down to the sea had some worship time and Evi was baptized! We are so proud of Evi our new sister in Christ! What a wonderful celebration we had!

This summer has been the hottest on records and has been miserable for the past two months. In this summer heat it is very hard on the elderly. We are very saddened to announce the passing of Nene Zadia. She was a stable presence in our weekly bible studies at the old home. Nene Zadia was 59 years old and had lived in the old home since she was 16. She will be greatly missed.

We were very excited to have our brother in Christ and Arian's cousin Nikolino preach for the first time in Kavaje. Nikolino is a member of the Church of Christ in Durres. He did a great job preaching. We pray that God will continue to bless him as he serves the Lord with all his heart!  

Shpresa and I (Stefanie) are trying to reach the mothers of new babies in Kavaje. This week we met a child sitting by himself and playing in the trash with no clothes on waist down. When we went to find the mother she complained about him being sick with an infection in his mouth. The mom said that he was one year old and not eating any food because of his sickness. She had taken him to the Dr. once but he still was not getting better. The baby was still breastfeeding so I encouraged her to eat healthier and to feed the baby as much as possible. I will be checking back with this family next week and counseling the mother more. These families have horrible living conditions, but I just want to teach them how to better take care of their babies the way God intended mothers to do. 

Klara (12yr. old) is here for the summer and we have spent time with her. She still goes back and forth to Italy getting treatment for Megaloblastic Anemia (misshapen blood cells). She is such a sweet and encouraging girl despite her sickness.  We were excited to see her and pray with her. Photo: Klara, Her mom (Mara), and her big sister Kejsi (Kasey).

*We are still praying for a new building in Durres. May God provide what we need at the right time.

*Klara (3yrs.) has an appointment for a CT scan on her spine in September. Pray all goes well. 

Praises/ Prayers:         
*Funding of a new Church home for us.

*Pray that more will come to Christ here in Albania.
*Pray for Turi (member of the church in Kavaje) he is having severe Asthma and heart problems. 

David's first carnival ride!
*Pray for Meri (Sabina's mom, Church in Durres) pregnant with twins. 
*Pray for Strength and Unity within our staff. 
*Praise: David was sick with an upper respiratory infection but is now doing much better! 

Serving in His name,
Arian & Stefanie Kosta

Address: L3 Rr Egnatia AP:1043 
Durres, Albania

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