Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Our help comes from the Lord!

 I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
    where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth.
Psalms 121:1-2

We have been very busy the past couple of weeks but we also took some time to have some fun. The men from both of our churches gathered together to play some soccer (futbol). It was a match of Durres vs. Kavaje. They had a great time of fun and fellowship! We are glad that God protected them and kept them from getting hurt as they played like they were teenagers!
We were very happy to baptize a new believer into Christ! Our new sister Gloria accepted Christ into her heart and was baptized on Sunday. Gloria has been such a servant in the church. We had a great time of fellowship time at the beach with the church of Kavaje. Gloria who is 15 will be going to Elbsan to high school in September. May she continue to grow in the Lord. I love the picture of Gloria's baptism because you can't see Gloria very well but you see the bright shining of the sun. Like God is shining on Gloria now!

We have some family matters that we would like to discuss with you so you can be in prayer. Last week on Wednesday Arian's mom, Liri, fell and broke her left hip. She is in the hospital and was supposed to have surgery today but she has an infection in her hand where the nurse didn't change her IV port and she is running a fever. Before they could do her operation we also had to get people to donate blood to the blood bank so Liri could take some if she needed it for surgery. We are so grateful that Juli came with Arian to donate blood. We are hoping that Liri will be able to have the surgery on Thursday. Even though we are dealing with things with Liri we also have issues in our house. We have been sick with a stomach virus. After 5 days of David being sick, we had to take him to the hospital to get fluids. He was very brave! We are grateful that Arian's sister Linda has been here staying with Liri 24/7. We are also grateful that the stomach virus has not affected Abby. We are grateful that people have helped us in paying for Liri's surgery, all the support, encouragement, and visits. Please pray for Liri to have her operation and heal quickly. Please pray for Arian as he continues to do ministry and family while he is sick. 

Praise: Our sweet Abby is growing quickly and healthy!

Serving in His name,
Arian & Stefanie Kosta
Stateside address: 148 Wolfe St. 
Cohutta, Ga 30710
Albanian Address: L3 Rr Egnatia AP:1043 
Durres, Albania

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