Wednesday, April 19, 2017


“Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”

I think when it comes to our relationship with God we are just like children. Our son, David turns 4 next month. He has a hard time understanding why obedience is better than what you want. We tell him what would Jesus want you to do obey your parents or get what you want. He always responds with, "But I want!" I think a lot of times we are the same way with God. Getting what we want is so much easier than obedience. In those times that we are obedient to God, things always turn out better! 

We have been very blessed with visits the past couple of months. In February Mac and Diane McClintock came to visit. Mac preached in Durres and Kavaje. They are always a blessing to us. Who doesn't need a little help and encouragement every now and then! 

In March we were blessed by David and Linda Marckel. It was their first trip to Albania. When we came home last year we started praying about the possibilty for David and Linda to come we wanted them to see our ministry and share with them what we do in Albania. When they were here, they spent their time working along side of us in the ministry but David also lead two days of leadership training for our staff. We also took one day along with church members on a field trip to Prizren, Kosovoe. We appreciate David and Linda coming to encourage us and being able to go back to Hickory Valley Christian Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee to share with them what we are doing here in Albania. Our David also loved getting to spend time with Mr. Big David! :)
We were in great need of Bibles in the church in Kavaje. After Juli searching about where to get some bibles, we found out that the Bible Institute would donate some for us. The youth group in the picture are very happy to have the Bibles now! 

I have told you about Ana and Hekuron in the past. Hekuron just turned four years old. Ana gave birth a year ago to another son. Ana comes to church occasionally and we were able to give all the boys a new pair of shoes when they came. Please continue to pray for Hekuron, he has severe developmental delays

Please continue to pray for Gloria. We are supporting her to go to highschool in Elbasan. She is doing very well in school and making good grades. She is wanting to find a small part time job to help her with expenses. 

Please pray for Fatmira. She is in desperate need of an operation. She has a old wound that has not healed and is infected. The doctors at the state hostpital don't want to do the surgery. They have referred her to the private hospital but they keep giving a different price to do the surgery. Please pray that we can find Fatmira the help that she needs to have this surgery. 

Our sweet Abby just turned one this past week! She is growing so fast! She enjoyed very much her first chocolate cupcake! Please pray that she learns soon how to sleep at night.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. We love and appreciate you all!  

Serving in His name,
Arian & Stefanie Kosta
Stateside address: 148 Wolfe St. 
Cohutta, Ga 30710


Albanian Address: L3 Rr Egnatia AP:1043 
Durres, Albania



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