Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lina's Birthday & Mac and Diane's arrival

Mac & Diane with Lina on her Birthday
What a great week of serving the Lord! On Wednesday we went and picked up Mac & Diane from the airport. Mac & Diane served here for two years. We are very glad that they are here and will help us in the ministry. The will be staying for almost a month. Mac & Diane are a great encouragement to all of the people in Albania! I am very excited to have someone here to speak fluent English!
On Thursday we went to the house church in Kavaje. There is a new girl there named Dorina. She has been Jehovah Witness.  She gave her testimony about how she has been walking according to her plans and now with the help of God she is walking with God and His plans. She also read some beautiful poetry that she had written. We thank God for working in lives in Albania!

Arian works very closely helping two girls Lina and Sabina learn more about the bible. They have been studying the bible together for a little over a year. The girls are growing in their faith and their knowledge of the bible. Lina's birthday was on Friday and we were able to celebrate with her for her 12th birthday. Lina is very excited about starting school on Monday but she didn't have money to pay for books. The church bought her a backpack and will be purchasing her books for her as well. 

Thank you for your continued prayers for us! Please pray that more people will grow in their faith. We also have another prayer request. FCC Charolettesville, Va.  has graciously given us $5,000 to purchase a mini van to transport people in Kavaje. The house church has gotten too big and we have been given the use of a building on Thursday afternoon. The only problem is that the church is not near to Drita's house. Once we started looking for a mini van we realized the ones in our price range were 15 years old and not in good shape. Pray that the funds will come to raise another $5,000 to be able to purchase a mini van for the ministry of Kavaje.

Zoti te bekofte! (God bless!) 
In His service, 
Arian & Stefanie Kosta

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  1. Arian & Stephanie -- What a blessing to hear about what God is doing in Albania through you! Thanks for the blog and for your lives given to the service of Christ!

    Matt Scott
    Langley Christian Church