Friday, October 12, 2012

How important is water to you?

Do you have water? 

Here in Albania there are families that don't even have water. It is something that I take advantage of and don't even give a second thought about. When I turn on the faucet I expect for water to come out. In this blog I am going to focus on a very special family in our church who now has water for the first time in a long time. 

Tani, Mary, Samueli, Merita, Sabina
The Sadiku family has been without water for about 4 years. They relied on their neighbors to give them a little water for cooking or sponge bathing. They had no shower to use nor a sink. The family has a hard time finding work. Tani the father works as much as he can when he finds work. They have two teenage daughters and a 6 year old son. The family is very faithful in church. They are there every time the doors are open. They never ask for anything and are very grateful for everything. Merita the oldest daughter (18) is currently taking a class offered by another church that teaches her how to sew. This will be a good skill for her to find a job. 

A couple of weeks ago Tani decided that him and his friends would dig a well to see if they could get some water. With much success the well has water. Tani came to the church with a prayer need to get a pump and deposit to hold the water installed so that they could use the water from the well. We prayed and the Lord provided. With help from McDonough Christian church (MCC) we were able to get them water and a water heater so that they can have a shower. This family is very thankful to have water. 

Another family, the family of Juli, MCC helped them to purchase doors and windows for their house. With the winter coming soon a house without doors and windows would be very cold. We went to visit them to see the progress that they were doing on the house. I was a little sad to see that the family didn't even have a shower or a stove. Even though they have very little, the family is very grateful for this help and very encouraging. 

Please contine to pray for: 

* Juli and his family as Juli leaves for school soon and can no longer work  to provide money for his family. 

*Klara the little girl who needs money for an operation and money to get to Italy. 

* The growth of the youth at the church in Durres in attendance and in spirit. 

*Several members in the church of Kavaje who are starting to ask about baptism. Praise the Lord!

Serving Him, 
Arian & Stefanie Kosta

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